Re-Start, 2021

Re-Start, 2021


All text in the book was hand-typed by the artist (using a 1977 Smith-Corona electric typewriter) onto transparent vellum sheets, then bound into found vintage metal binders. This edition also includes a title page and colophon not included in the original one-of-a-kind book.
65 Pages, Edition of 10
Variable dimensions

This edition of Re-Start is based on a unique book of the same title that Cummins created in collaboration with Iraqi artist and educator Yaroub Al-Obaidi.* The project began with an interview that Cummins conducted with Al-Obaidi in 2018, in which he described his experience of being resettled in multiple countries, the last of which was the United States. Al-Obaidi compared the process to that of a broken computer that has to be restarted again and again. Inspired by this analogy, Cummins began working with cold, manufactured materials and processes—aluminum binders, vellum pages, and typewritten text. She then played with Al-Obaidi’s text: breaking it, rearranging it, and repeating sections again and again. (I start in Iraq / I finish the study and I start my career / I start my career in Iraq / I finish the study and I start my career.) The resulting text, which seems to take forever to get anywhere, creates in the reader a mounting sense of frustration that only begins to replicate the author’s experience.

*A portion of the profits from sales of this book will go to Yaroub Al-Obaidi.

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