The Monarch Tree. Nurturing Life in the branches, 2023

The Monarch Tree. Nurturing Life in the branches, 2023


Every year, a remarkable natural phenomenon takes place as the monarch butterfly embarks on its migration journey. One intriguing aspect of this journey is the monarch’s choice to nest in trees, a choice driven by the inherent benefits that trees offer – shelter, protection, and nourishment and a safe place during hibernation, protection from predators, as well as a bountiful food source for both larvae and adults.


By understanding the reasons behind this behavior, we can further appreciate the intricate balance between the monarch butterfly and its tree-living habitat.


Efforts aimed at preserving and restoring tree cover can thus play a crucial role in ensuring the continued survival of this magnificent species. 


Mixed media and collage on canvas

 30 x 40 inches


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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions40 × 50 × 6 in
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