magazine.jpgThe February 2014 issue of CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine features the catalog for the Haber Space exhibition “Time and Again,” that explores physics and the perception of time. Articles by Carlos Cuellar Brown and Olga Ast explore a history of visual metaphors for time, and Dr. Frederik Denef gives us a scientist’s insight into Miriam Carothers’ portraits of theoretical physicists. We speak with Sara Garden Armstrong as she shares the narrative layers behind her body-based book works, and her artist project “micro vision .4.” Dr. Silke Trojahn gives us a glimpse into the vaults at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin artist’s book collection. We get a peek at an element of Alastair Noble’s new work “Moment” in Textcerpts, Rosaire Appel contributes another comic with “chatter,” and Suzanne Horvitz shares her techniques for glass bookworks. Alexander Campos wraps up the issue with a note on the nature of self-publishing.

CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine is published quarterly, coinciding with Gallery II exhibitions. It can be purchased at single issue or subscription prices. SINGLE ISSUE: $10