Released in conjunction with the exhibition “Text Out of Context,” a collaboration with Marymount Manhattan College, the catalog for the March 2013 issue of CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine explores the written word and how it integrates into contemporary book art to create complex visual and conceptual narratives. Francis Levy thoughtfully contextualizes “Text Out of Context,” Pablo Helguera shares his decontextualization of text through musical form and James Walsh explores the context for his piece “The Strange Life of an Old Man Clad Entirely in Leather.” Also in the March issue, we fondly welcome Rosaire Appel, as she kicks off her residency in our Makings section. We speak with Donna Ruff, who by manipulating the New York Times controls her altered narrative in this issue’s Artist’s Project. An excerpt from Carolyn Shattuck’s “Wardrobe Chronicles” focuses on the telling of one of its challenging life stories. Steven Bury shares the story of his personal collection of artist’s books and multiples, including the challenges of separating it from his position as a Special Collections Librarian. Lara Henderson discusses the merging of contemporary and traditional processes at Rhode Island’s AS220. And the issue concludes with a visually interpreted text by Amanda Thackray in our Musings section.

CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine is published quarterly, coinciding with Gallery II exhibitions. It can be purchased at single issue or subscription prices. SINGLE ISSUE: $10