Released in conjunction with the exhibition “The Medicine Show,” the catalog for the November 2013 issue explores the contemporary artist’s relationship with the body and the impact of culture and medicine upon it. Rebecca Messbarger contextualized the show through a study of the Anatomist Anna Morandi Manzolini. Geraldine Ondrizek shares context for her Chromosome Paintings and Patricia Olynyk writes about finding inspiration at Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum. We talk with Angela Lorenz about her artistic practice, exemplified by her artist project “Small Objects with One or More Functions.” Carole Holden shares a peek into Special Collections at the British Library, and an excerpt from Robin Holder’s “Love Life Lick” is re-shaped into poetic form. Aimee Lee shares instructions on knitting with paper, Rosaire Appel draws us in with her project “circ periph,” and Alexander Campos ends with a look into the Advanced Scholars Residency at The Center for Book Arts in our final Note.

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