In conjunction with “Un/Natural Occurrences,” the inaugural exhibition at CENTRAL BOOKING’s new space at 21 Ludlow Street in Manhattan, this issue’s catalog explores the varied relationships that artists have with environmental issues. Gary Golden discusses the role of art and design in paving the future of our planet in “Scientist, Engineer, Artist Playing God.” Aleta Lederwasch, Annie Bolitho and Jade Herriman share their work at The Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney. Eve Andrée Laramée tracks the fate of radioactive waste. Lisa Conrad walks us through the technique of Thermofax screenprinting, and Rosaire Appel contributes a graphic piece evoking the upwards glance with ”briefly, before dawn.” This month’s interview and artist’s project are with Max Marek, who cuts and excavates his works, creating meaning and topography, Textcerpts offers a bit of 6 Water Voices by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, and Katherine Reagan and Ben Ortiz gives us the inside scoop on the Hip Hop Collection at Cornell University.

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