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Art & Science panel: Excavating for Narratives

Moderator: Kathy Aoki

Whether interpreted at an archaeological site or generated from the recesses of memory and imagination, narratives arise from material culture, both real and fake.  Please join three Dig! artists (Kathy Aoki, Don Burmeister, Peter Patchen) and archaeologist Zoe Crossland for an engaging panel about archaeology and art. The panelists will share their methods of interpreting/creating signs and symbols, discuss how implied history is derived from material culture, and postulate why earnest responses to ersatz material culture may be equally significant.

Kathy Aoki is an associate professor of Studio Art at Santa Clara University in California. Her artwork can be found in collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library. Aoki will lecture in character as the “Curator” of the fictitious “Museum of Historical Makeovers”

Don Burmeister received a PhD in biology in 1982. He and his alter-ego BURST387 have been making photographs since 1992 and his photographs of Indian Mounds have been published in National Geographic Magazine. He currently lives in Manhattan and works in Brooklyn.

Zoe Crossland is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University. She works on the archaeology of highland Madagascar and also writes about archaeologies of the dead body and questions of forensic archaeological evidence.

Peter Frank Patchen is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received an MFA from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Or. He utilizes technology as a medium of expression, mixing it with traditional media to explore the relationships that exist between nature, humanity, culture and technology.

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