Title: Torino:Margolis presents “Electric Body Interact”
Description: Admission:$8
A hands on interactive participatory performance by the artist/scientist collaborators Torino:Margolis, as the audience hacks into the their innate electrical system. The first tool they provide allows the audience to control the movement of the performer using neuromuscular stimulation. This sends outside electricity into the muscle, forcing it to contract and the performer to move involuntarily. The second tool involves electromyography (EMG), a way of sensing the electricity produced naturally during muscle contraction when an individual moves voluntarily. They will take this electrical signal and turn it into sound. When the performer is physically manipulated by another person (involuntarily) there is no electricity generated, no signal sensed by the EMG, and no sound is produced. In this way you can hear someone’s free will.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-11-17